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Are you an entrepreneur or coach who is stuck, tired of wasting money, time and resources on dead-end services and products and you’re ready to create a business that thrives?

This course was created for professionals like you. People who are already in business, but have struggled for the last 2 years or more trying to make sense of it all. You have wasted resources and are about ready to throw in the towel. Not to mention the countless hours you have spent worrying and hoping for that one big client or break.

You don’t have to do that anymore.  I have created a course that will cover many of the things you didn’t learn in your training and career courses.

In this eight week live intensive course you will move past being stuck.

Instead, you will begin creating solid blueprints and systems to achieve your goals.

Course Dates: October 8, 2017 – November 12, 2017, NOW CLOSED

Next Course  2018 TBA

Time: 7:30 p.m. est

We will explore:

  • How to make peace with making money
  • How to get past free (giving services away). 
  • How to eliminate the bootstrapper mentality
  • Complete your first real product or finish one and create a launch plan
  • Integration of systems that work
  • Gain access to cheat sheets
  • Create your own systems for success
  • In addition to so much more...

The investment for this course is a one-time payment of $1097 or two monthly installments of $549.

The benefits to you are priceless.

If you are waiting for a perfect time there won't be one. It's up to you the entrepreneur to begin making conscious moves to achieve your optimal success.

Sure you probably have a laundry list of reasons why not, but one thing I can tell you is my clients are living proof that my methods work with a solid track record of five years in business and a list of happy coaches and entrepreneur, you could be next.

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Coach Jacque says,

"Coach Billie C. has helped me on several projects. Her business coaching has helped me think more strategically and move closer to my goals.  As we would talk, she would occasionally say, write that down. This would remind me to stay focused on the desired outcome and make plans to achieve that end.  You will be amazed at the answers you will be able to discover and the accomplishments you can make with Coach Billie C." -  Dr. Jacqueline Howard, CCLC, DTM

In this course, you also gain a mentor, coach, and consultant all rolled into one. Yes, that would be me Coach Billie C.

Have I produced any of these results sure have as well as produced them with others?  Clients have gone on to write books, increase their current revenue, improve their mindset and develop new ventures. Others have retired and are living the good life.

Most of all I know it is needed and I only wish someone was honestly there to teach me most of what I had to learn the hard way.  Stumbling to success is not fun and if I can help one entrepreneur or coach thrive I have done my work. We are creating Millionaire Mindsets here at Inspirational Strength.

Know this your dreams don't work unless you do.

It’s time to create real blueprints for success, produce or complete your product, and begin living life with a millionaire mindset.

Peace and Blessings Coach Billie C.

Billie Crutcher
Billie Crutcher
Personal Growth Instructor

About the instructor

Billie Crutcher is the CEO of Inspirational Strength and is affectionately know as Coach Billie C by her students and clients. Inspirational Strength is a personal growth and entrepreneurial success company that prepares clients to immediately begin living their very best lives through strength, mindset, professional, and personal development training.

Coach Billie C has worked with hundreds of clients both in-person and online helping them to create successful strategies and personal growth programs. One of the things she enjoys most is teaching others how to achieve harmony in their lives while manifesting their bigger goals and dreams. Many of her clients have gone on to create products, companies, and enhance their lives.  There are also other programs under the company umbrella to include The Happy Mind Matrix, which is a community project focused on creating happiness, growth, and inner peace in communities. 

As an Army Veteran, with a B.A. in Psychology  Coach, Billie is also Board Certified Life Coach BCC, a Certified Christian Life Coach CCLC, and a Stress Management Coach. She is an avid student of life and is continuously training and advancing her knowledge in the areas of Positive Psychology, Stress Management, Personal Growth and Leadership Development to bring her clients, students, and audiences the best information and transformative change possible.


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30 Days To Success

This course, in my opinion, contains content that is relevant when considering ways to make any business thrive. If consistently applyied, these strategies and processes taught by Coach Billie, will enable entrepreneurs to see growth in their bu...

Kim Gray

Beneficial from Module 1!

I thought I had my ducks in a row before starting this program, but I was wrong! When we covered the Branding Palette, all kinds of bells went off. This was definitely the tool for changing my website and outlook. Billie has such great insight and...

Lenora Lassiter

Worth your investment

This course was awesome! If you are an entrepreneur looking to boost your business and want to find techniques on how to boost your business this course is for you. Coach Billie does not give you a lot of fluff, but cuts to the chase and provides ...